Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the tiniboy lancets we ordered a few weeks ago. Our son, who is 1 yr has had problems with scar tissue on his fingers from regular lancets. We switched to yours, and they are wonderful! We were also VERY impressed with the turn-around time... got them within days of the order.
After seeing the original post about these lancets, we ordered them immediately. They came on 12/23, so we've used them for 2 days. Like an earlier poster, my 43 year-old eyes could hardly see them, they are so short and fine. My 7 year-old LOVES them and says she can't feel them at all. And she happily shows anyone who will look how much blood it draws from her fingers.


San Bernardino County Sun - "Giving blood with little pain"
Clinical Medicine Insights: Endocrinology and Diabetes - "A Pain-free Lancet with a Small Needle for Glucose Measurement"


Hear what others are saying about Tiniboy

We just received a box of these today that we ordered after seeing this thread. They are WONDERFUL and absolutely amazing! When my DH opened the box and looked at them he said, 'There's no way something that little will work or give enough blood!' He had to eat his words a few minutes later when he tried it and got more than enough blood.

Got ours today. Since we normally use the Multiclix, I can't visually compare the needles but these Tiniboy Lancets are TEENY TINY. Wow. I tried it on myself and it did hurt less.

Just received a box of Tiniboy lancets for my son. These things are really small and he says they don't hurt nearly as much as the ultra lancets he started with.

If anyone was interested these things are the bomb. I ordered two boxes and the 10 year old has no pain with these and the blood spot was equal to what the contour lancets would bring.

Wow. Super fast shipping. I ordered Friday and they just came in today (Monday). I just tried it on myself in a lancing device I had (penlet plus). I could barely feel it compared to the BD ultra fine 30 gauge and the multiclix. My unofficial comparison with number one being the one that hurt the least:

1. tiniBoy 36 gauge
2. Multiclix
3. BD ultra fine 30 gauge

I just read about the new TiniBoy lancets in another post here, and are planning to order them... people are saying that they are pain-free.

Last night my son Diego tried his first Tiniboy lancet but without telling him that I changed from the BD lancets on his device. We were so impressed. He looked at me like saying "it didn't came trough" and I rapidly told him to squeeze his finger a little. The blood came out immediately after that. I asked him and he told me that he didn't feel the sting at all. Same happened to me when I tested one earlier and the amount of blood was about if not the same as with the BDs. Without telling him anything yet, he unscrewed the lancet device to check inside for the lancet. As he was looking at the lancet he asked me: but where's the needle dad? I smile at him and told him to look very closely to the lancet. He then looked again and with a big smile on his face he said: Wow dad, I can barely see the needle! It's so "tiny" and it didn't hurt me!! I DON'T WANT TO USE THE OTHERS ANYMORE!!!

On behalf of my son Diego and myself, we would like to thank Dr. Stanley Kim for his R&D work on these lancets as it will definitively change our lives. And thanks to all the people who has worked all the way to put this together, from manufacturing to shipping to customer service. This is really a breakthrough on a diabetic's lifestyle that has to be share with everyone and I'm sure we will.

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