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Dr. Stanley Kim, creator of Tiniboy lancets

About Tiniboy

The story behind the world's smallest lancets

Tiniboy lancets were created by Dr. Stanley Kim, a Hematologist of 20 years, who after discovering he was diabetic, set out to make a less intimidating and painfree blood lancet. To him it seems almost cruel that diabetic patients, and especially kids, are forced to stick their fingers everyday with large and painful needles.

After many months of research and testing on himself and his own diabetic patients, the Tiniboy lancet was perfected – a lancet with a needle only 1/3 the size of its competitors, but just as durable and reliable in glucose blood testing. The end result: The smallest and virtually painfree lancet.

If you are a diabetic who is fed up with the fear and pain associated with pricking your finger every day, give Tiniboy lancets a try and we guarantee you’ll see and feel the difference!

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